Product Release 2021.4


Brand Wizard

Create an amazing looking brand for your business or business idea in a fraction of the time. The new Brand Wizard gives you the option of selecting from hand picked color palettes, font pairings, Font Logo layouts and Unsplash imagery. The advanced options allow you to continue to manually upload and specify your existing brand assets including logos, imagery, fonts and color palettes.


New Document Designs

A number of great looking new designs have been added across business cards, social media covers and profiles, and pull up banners. These new designs are just the first of many we have planned for release throughout 2021, so continue to watch this space!


Brand Preview

The Brand Previewer now includes an aggregated (and animated) view of your brand that is sure to impress! Use this view to get a great overview of your brand as it cycles through all available designs. You can easily share this view remotely with your team or colleagues for marketing or review purposes.

Design Shuffling

A Shuffle button has been added to each category view allowing you to randomly step through a set of selected designs. For documents such as Business Cards, clicking Shuffle will select a distinct front and back design on each click.


Design Grouping

A Group/Ungroup button has been added to each category view that allows you to toggle the ordering of the designs between "mixed" mode and "grouped" mode. Mixed mode will cause the designs to be ordered in a way that allows you to quickly get an overview of the range of available designs, whilst "grouped" mode will display related or similar design variations alongside each other.


General Updates & fixes

  • Issue Indicators - A small red circle containing a number will be displayed alongside main menu categories if any fields contained within that category are incomplete or invalid. The number indicates how fields in the category are problematic. The problematic fields within the category will also be highlighted and will include a message describing the issue(s).
  • New Brand Confirmation - When creating a new brand, you will now be prompted for confirmation before the new brand is added to your account.
  • Font Logo SVG - Font Logos (SVG format) no longer have any external font dependencies, meaning they can be downloaded and used directly (as is) across a range of technologies and platforms such as websites and documents.
  • General improvements and fixes.
  • Font selector much faster.
  • Font Logo suitable background colors are now automatically determined.
  • Application load time greatly reduced.
  • Responsiveness and layout of application on mobile (small) devices greatly improved.