Try These 7 Effective Font Logo Styles Yourself

Creating an effective logo for your startup or existing business can be an expensive, time-consuming and stressful experience. Without having the necessary design skills & tools available, it's generally outsourced to a designer.

A font logo is an effective, yet simple to create option for any business. This article will elaborate on 7 effective font logo styles that you should consider when designing your new logo. (Check out these 7 effective logo styles to consider for your startup or business.)

Unlike more complex graphical logos, as shown below, a "Font Logo" or "Wordmark" logo is typically made by combining your business name with one or more distinct fonts & colors.

A font logo can be an effective choice for your startup or business as they can make your business name more memorable, whilst providing a unique logo design.


Style 1 - Recognizable Fonts

Many businesses have Font Logos that simply consist of their name and a single, unique and recognizable font. This font is often shown using the primary brand color, with an inverted (often white) variation included for use on colored or darker backgrounds.



Style 2 - Thick & Thin Fonts

For business names that contain more than one word, it can be effective to use fonts of differing thickness (weights) to represent each individual word. This can both emphasise and separate elements of the business name without having to introduce additional spacing. This effect can be further emphasised by varying attributes such as color (see Style 3 below).



Style 3 - Multiple Colors

Using different colors to define and separate words can also be effective. In addition, you can combine this with unique fonts and font weights (see Style 2 above) to further emphasise distinct words within your font logo.

In fact, one of the largest companies in the world has a different color for each letter in their font logo!



Style 4 - Stacked Text

This style is often used for longer, multi-word business names. By arranging words into groups, lines and varying font sizes or styles, you can emphasize distinct elements of your business name, at the same time making it more compact and recognizable.



Style 5 - Emphasized Letters

Emphasizing a letter or word by using a different font or style can bring a unique perspective to your logo and help convey its mood. The single italicized “i” in the logo above adds an element of novelty, playing with the correct spelling of the word - but at the same time remaining readable and highly memorable.

Another similar option, shown with the "reMarkable" logo below, is through the use of capitalization for a specific sub-word (Markable) to further emphasize the functionality of its core offering - a tablet that can be written on like paper!



Style 6 - Acronyms

Using an acronym can be an effective option for business names that are relatively long, and would therefore be difficult to represent verbatim. For example, the NASA “worm” logo below (used from 1975 through to 1992) cleverly shortens the very long name of “National Aeronautics and Space Administration” into a highly recognizable and memorable 4 letter acronym based font logo (including a very cool modification of the letter A to represent its aeronautical association).



Style 7 - Character Substitution

Substituting a character or glyph can be an effective way of injecting some meaning (or fun and novelty) into your font logo; whilst also increasing its memorability. A very clever example of this is Mozilla (creators of the Firefox browser) who use the URL delimiter, “://” as a substitute for the letters “ill”. This not only allows the logo to portray a strong association with the internet, but also adds a degree of novelty that helps improve its recognition and memorability.



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