Free Font Logo Creator

Create a simple, yet effective font logo for free with your Brandsynth account.

Effective Font Logos

Font-based logos are a strong and effective design style for new brands.

Our Font Logo Creator is included free with each brand. Download the print & digital logo assets to use as you grow.

Simple Font Logo Editor

Create up to 3 simple and effective font logos for your brand

  • Over 300 curated Google Fonts to choose from
  • Add up to 8 Text Groups for each logo
  • Select your logos color(s) by using the Color Picker, Color Palette, inputing a HEX color code or selecting from your extracted palette
  • Adjust the text height, letter spacing, horizontal offset, vertical position, text alignment & line settings for each of your Text Groups

Your Free Logo Package

Downloading your free logo package includes:

  • PNG files for your full & inverted logo(s)
  • SVG files for your full & inverted logo(s)