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Short description:

Auto-magically designed on-brand marketing. Setup & manage your brand across print & digital.

Longer description:

Brandsynth auto-magically designs on-brand marketing for startups. Setup & manage your brand across print & digital.

Bringing powerful design capabilities in-house can save businesses a significant amount of time & money when creating & maintaining their brand. Providing the right file format beit print, digital or in code. Ready to print and CMYK files for stationery, signage & print marketing, perfectly sized profile images & coded email signatures & web pages.

Simply add your logo, colors, fonts & imagery & we'll auto-magically design your branded marketing. Select from multiple designs, following time tested design patterns, for a professional quality brand. Manage your brand ongoing with new documents added regularly & team profile management all in one online account.

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About Us

Learn about Brandsynths inception & vision. For more information please feel free to contact us.

Our Story

Brandsynth  was founded to help both new, and existing businesses develop and maintain their own, personalised branded assets - reducing the need for a designer.

The idea for Brandsynth was initiated when experienced designer, Luke Bennis, sparked a conversation with Andrew Rutherford. At the time, Andrew, a software engineer of 35 years, was developing Cogesic - a document management tool, automating the content layout and creation of business-related documents.

Luke's lengthy experience designing, developing and maintaining branded assets made him quickly realise the significant amount of repeatable design heuristics that could be automated.

With the mutual understanding that the application of the Cogesic document engine to a vertical, encompassing branded documentation and assets, would be the most widely applicable and beneficial to consumers.

Brandsynth was born.

Our Vision

We believe design can be automated and is an extremely powerful and valuable business tool.

Our Mission

Brandsynth Auto-magically designs on-brand marketing. Our automated approach follows time tested design heurisitcs to create consistent and quality branding across print and digital. Bringing powerful design capabiltiies in-house providing savings in time & money at all business levels.