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Here's how to get the best out of your Brandsynth branding.

Brand Info

Brandsynth uses the following basic info on your branded documents.

Company Settings

  • Company name
  • Positioning statement or tagline
  • Company email
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Website URL

Team Members

The people associated with your brand can be added on the Team page and their details can be applied to personalized items such as business cards & email signatures.

Upload Logo


 Font Logo

Upload your existing logo or use our Font Logo tool to create a text logo.

Existing Logo Upload

Logo Upload

Brandysnth allows you to upload up to 3 variations of your logo with a reversed or inverted version for each. For example, a common logo set would be:

  • Landscape logo + reversed version
  • Portrait logo + reversed version
  • Icon alone + reversed version

Example Upload:

Not all logos have multiple version or orientations so just upload all the variations used by your logo.


File Types

The best logo files to use are SVG or high resolution PNG files. These both support transparent backgrounds & allows more design variations to be generated. This is why we do not recommend JPG files for the logo upload.


Use SVG if available

We highly recommend using an SVG based logo if available. This allows high-resolution art to be created and is easily scaled up for use in larger format designs such as signage and banners.


If you have a EPS file you can easily convert it to SVG using this online tool.

Font Logo Tool

Brand Colors

Your brands primary & secondary colors are used to help create a range of design variations you can choose from.

Two Brand Colors

Two main colors are used to create design variations for your branded documents. These can be a solid colour or a gradient.


Logo Colors

If you've uploaded a logo file, we'll detect the main colours used and provide them to help you choose suitable brand colors.


Alternatively, feel free to play around previewing different colors, or input your brand colour codes as supplied by your designer.


Select your brands heading & content font.

Headings & Content Fonts

Brandsynth uses two main type selections, a main heading font & a content font.


Need Help Selecting?

There is no right or wrong, but selecting a complimentary set of fonts can better communicate your brand.


Test a few out with your brand or find some inspiration here if you're unsure.


Upload your hero image to represent the mood or meaning of your brand.

Main Brand Image

Your main element of imagery should help communicate the mood, style & offering of your business.

This could be anything from an abstract pattern, an image of your product or service, or an image that reflects the mood of your brand.

Need an Image?

Purchasing quality stock imagery for your brand to use in marketing and presentations can provide a large benefit for a small cost. We recommend using a commercial stock site to find some high-quality imagery to use. Some popular options are and


There are also some free stock sites available, but ensure the selected image attributes and quality are appropriate. Some popular options include,, and